Five Flavor Shrimp

Five Flavor Shrimp is the latest spring dish from Panda Express. Wok-tossed to perfection this flavorful dish is light and airy and a better-for-you option featuring premium quality shrimp and freshly-cut veggies. To tell the full story of the dish and cover all the messaging imperatives (Simply Delicious, Complex Flavors, Quality Ingredients, Better-For-You / WokSmart), different promotional materials throughout the store were created.

The main translite focused on showcasing the beautiful and delicious  food, as well as introducing the message “Count on delicious” that not only was play on words with the word “count” and the name “Five Flavor Shrimp” but also boldly stated a promise Panda Express is making to their guests. The dish was plated in a custom made five-sided bowl to enhances the idea of the five flavors in the dish.

The supplemental translite focused primarily on the quality ingredients building up this dish by showing them in a clean organized fashion with the flavorful sauce in the middle.

To further emphasize the fresh quality of the ingredients and to introduce the five flavors i the dish an iron man sign was created creating guests as they entered the store.

Slat and steam table clings carried the blue theme of the campaign and reinforced the “Count o delicious” message.

The beverage merchandiser showed a delicious bite from the dish and focused on explaining the complex interaction among the five flavors in the dish. Sweet balances sour, sour enhances umami, umami balances bitter, bitter enhances salty, salty balances sweet.

The pole sign turned the dish into a lunchtime or dinnertime combo meal paired with a drink.

The out-of-home boards introduced Five Flavor Shrimp and conveyed the message of deliciousness. For a greater impact extension boards were created showing the five-sided bowl bigger than ever.





Website and online banners were created to promote the dish. Based on the viewer’s interest targeted banners send the person to a different landing page. Banner ads targeting shrimp lovers send people to the page talking about the premium quality of the shrimp, health-conscious viewers were sent to a page dedicated the fresh ingredients that talked about the “better-for-you” choice, and the third target focused on foodies interested in trying new flavors thus those banners took them to a page showcasing the complex five flavor profile of the dish.

TV spot focused on telling a love story between two strangers who met serendipitously at Panda Express after having a day of near misses. When all it comes together at panda Express.


Chief Creative Officer: Carter Weitz

Group Creative Director: Marty Amsler

Copywriter: Hannah Husman

Art Director: Dessi Price

Associate Designer: Bri Harding

Associate Creative Director, Digital: Dan Cooper

Associate Designer, Digital: Brett Bass

Account Supervisor: Ellie Charter

Account Executive: Courtney Kottich

Producer: Sally Mars

Production Company: Little Minx

Director: Augusto Fraga

Executive Producer: Jennette MacLachlan, Rhea Scott

Line Production: Sean Hobbs

Post Supervisor: Rochelle Savory

Editorial: Logotipo Light Collective

Editor: Marcos Castiel

Executive Producer: Judit Gassol

Finishing / VFX Company: Ntropic

Executive Producer: Michelle Hammond

Composer: Matt Bobb

Sound Design/Mix: Matt Bobb

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