General Tso’s Chicken

General Tso’s Chicken, the most iconic dish in every Chinese restaurant in America, is finally at Panda Express and it is tso good. We went all out with big food and big puns. As the home of the American Chinese food, Panda Express introduces General Tso’s Chicken as Chinese inspired American crafted. This dish is the beginning of many more American Chinese original dishes to come.

For the menu translites, we focused on showing the food bigger than life with a big headline stating the obvious it is “tso good.” For the supplemental board, we conveyed the idea of Chinese inspired American crafted by using white rice bowls and Chinese spoons and filling them with Chinese spices and fresh veggies

For the packaging, we went with black to give the dish more sophistication  as well as to bring about the mystery behind its name. Who is General Tso and why is this dish named after him?


Employee buttons were created to continue the theme of funny puns


Black hats were made for the employees to promote the dish and remind guests that they should try something that is “tso good”

Steam table slat had the helmet on it to bring about the mystery behind the dish’ name. The helmet was left on purpose without any facial features so that it doesn’t depict the actual general but the legend behind him.


GenTso-5Bus shelters and out of home billboards were created to promote the big flavor of the latest limited time offer dish at Panda Express. Food is big and bold and it looks tso good.

GenTso-4     GenTso-3 GenTso-2

In addition to the in-store materials, we created an online video to tell the full story of the dish, illustrate its journey, where it started and how it ended up at Panda Express.

See separate video clips from the entire video below:



CCO: Carter Weitz
CD: Marty Amsler
AD: Dessi Price
Illustrations: Ethel Fong, Joe McDermott, Dessi Price
Project Management: Ellie Charter, Courtney Kottich
Retouch: Gayle Adams, Joe McDermott
Photgraphy: Jon Edwards
Animation Studio: Grain & Mortar




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