Mighties Kiwi Social Media Campaign

The idea behind this social media campaign for Mighties Kiwi on Instagram was “No matter how you slice them, Mighties Kiwis taste delicious. We posted every day a different image of a unique kiwi slice. At the end of the 9th day when seen all together the nine posts looked like they belonged to one image. All slices looked like they were on the same cutting board. In addition 9 individual recipes were developed to go with each one of the kiwi slices and were posted throughout the month. I had a blast doing the recipe development, preparation of the food, as well as the food styling and photography on this.

mightieskiwi-1 mightieskiwi-2 mightieskiwi-3 mightieskiwi-4 mightieskiwi-5

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