Nebraska Tourism Passport Program Icons

As part of the 2014 Nebraska Passport Program different icons were created to be produced as stamps, as well as used as iconic graphics for promotional print and web materials. The icons were used to identify each one of the 10 themed tours in the Passport Program. The line drawing quality and simplicity of the icons were driven by the stamp application as well as from the look and feel of the Passport Program logo itself. Color was added to them when used in printed materials (the map, prize sheet and booklet) and web/mobile applications (the website and the mobile app)NebraskaTourism-PassportProgram-icons

Creative Director: Ron Sack
Interactive Art Director: Dan Cooper
Senior Designer: Brandon Oltman
Senior Designer: Dessi Price
Copywriter: Nick Main
Front End Developer / Designer: Camille Marlow
Sr. Project Manager: Mary Golwitzer
Retoucher: Joe McDermott
Production Manager: Gayle Adams
Printer: Barnhart Press
Account Executive: Rich Claussen
Brand Managers: Kelsey Dempsey & Matt Emodi

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