Panda Express Chinese New Year

This was my first project after joining the Panda Express team at Bailey Lauerman, and it required us to build upon previous year assets. Keeping the main feast image and the paper cut look for window clings, we developed new imagery to tell the story of the Chinese New Year celebration. The celebration plate was conceived as the main LTO (limited time offer).  In addition, new dragon and monkey paper cuts were designed for the window, steam table clings, new cups and pails.  A new illustration style was developed for signage and short videos to tell the full celebration story. See examples below.

Menu translites displayed in store promoting Chinese New Year as well as The Celebration Plate consisting of Firecracker Chicken Breast, Chow Mein, Honey Walnut Shrimp and a side of golden brown egg rolls.


A double-sided Iron Man sign was created to greet guests as they entered the serving line, inviting them to the Chinese New Year celebration and giving them information about the symbolism of the dishes served at Panda Express.



As guests entered Panda Express stores, the door clings wished them Happy Chinese New Year and good fortune.



Window clings were illustrated in the style of Chinese paper cutting, one with a dragon and another for 2016’s year of the monkey.


The Steam Table Clings were displayed next to the Firecracker Chicken Breast, the featured New Year entree, on the steam table. Visible when people ordered this particular dish, the dragon peeks from the edge and breathes fire to signify that the dish is spicy.


Steam Table Slat displaying the name of the special dish.


This Beverage Merchandiser uses the new illustration style developed for the campaign. People can find out what their Chinese zodiac signs are while they are getting a drink at the soda fountain.


According to Chinese tradition, red envelopes are given to young adults and children filled with money as part of the New Year’s celebration. To bring this fun experience to Panda Express customers, we produced red envelopes with a coupon inside for a free egg roll that people could get on the first day of Chinese New Year. The campaign encouraged customers to send each other paper and digital red envelopes, so that everybody could enjoy an egg roll on Feb. 8.


Cups and pails were redesigned for the Chinese New Year promotion with campaign graphics to create a more festive mood around the table. The Dragon design wraps around the cups and pails, and is accompanied by copy inviting people to join the celebration and share their pictures on social media.


Social media posts were created to promote the celebration. The following animated gif post encouraged people to get their free egg roll on the first day of the Chinese New Year, Feb. 8.



CCO: Carter Weitz
CD: Marty Amsler
AD: Dessi Price, Kelsey Steffes
Illustrations: Kelsey Steffes, Joe McDermott, Ethel Fong, Dessi Price
Animation: Min-Jee Jeon
Website Design: Derek Van Horne, Dan Cooper, Camille Marlow
AE: Abbie Stanton
Project Management: Ellie Charter

Retouch: Gayle Adams, Joe McDermott
Photography: Jon Edwards


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